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European Voluntary Service - EVS

EVS - Action 2 of the Youth in Action Programme is an international mobility project of non-formal learning implemented by the European Commission. It addresses all young people between 18 and 30, legally resident in the EU countries. It offers the opportunity to volunteer full time for a period between 2 and 12 months in one of the 25 member countries of the EU, in the pre-accession countries, in the 3 European Economic Area countries (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein) or in partner countries. The programme promotes the social integration of young people and their active participation in the local community, improving their future employability and giving them opportunities to show solidarity towards other people.


These projects are not for profit, and cannot substitute professional work activities. There are no fees for participation: the European Volunteers receive board and lodging, a monthly allowance, insurance coverage, a language course in the host country,  international travel is covered as well as mentor coaching. The learning elements consist of a common definition of outcomes, processes and methods used in the training and they are certified in the YOUTHPASS.

Each project involves three partners: the European volunteer, the sending organization and the host organization.

ANFFAS Onlus Pordenone  performs both the sending and hosting functions, and since 1997 has welcomed 116 young people from 22 different countries and sent 94 Italians abroad.
ANFFAS Onlus Pordenone was the only Italian project to operate in the ENVOL European network, which answered the European Commission's request to include those volunteers who are usually excluded from national youth and community programs because of their social disadvantage. The concept of "social disadvantage" is closely tied to the concept of social exclusion as a result of a series of unfavourable conditions that range from early school dropout to lack of employment, poor self-confidence to the inability to create interpersonal bonds, from psychological distress to physical and mental disability, the absence of an effective family support to the problems of drug use and alcohol ... In 2000 we contributed to the drafting of the document accompanying the European Guideline to European Voluntary Service on the basis of the valuable experience accumulated over the years; several times we were invited to Brussels to witness the success stories of the volunteers hosted and sent. 5 among the hosted volunteers  decided to settle in Pordenone and after the training course were recruited as qualified care givers. One year of EVS in ANFFAS Pordenone opened  doors to a new job and a new life.
ANFFAS considers the European Voluntary Service as important for mutual enrichment, comparing different ways of working in different cultures.


In Pordenone we can accommodate five European volunteers at a  time. It is not a decision to be taken lightly ... Each volunteer arrives with his own experience, language,  culture to share his/her life with our young people with special needs. It is not always easy to control the psychological pressure to which a new environment puts you. In the beginning there are no relationships from an emotional point of view and the language barrier does not help at all. Surprisingly our disabled guests are the first to create a relationship welcoming the European volunteer unconditionally and making him/her feel at ease.. And no doubt that when a person with Down Syndrome greets you with a kiss the first time he sees you, all barriers fall away. ANFFAS is proud to rely on the enthusiasm of the European Volunteers who are healthy carriers of creativity, initiative, motivation, and add an important value which is European collaboration.

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Within the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme - Lifelong Learning Programme, Mobility Action ANFFAS Onlus Pordenone has organized six internships for young people not yet included in the labour market since November 2008.


We collaborate with Everything is Possible, UK as a host organization
offering internships to English trainees with fewer opportunities to access international mobility programs. The internships vary in length and offer the chance to learn all the processing phases in the manual wicker, ceramics and cardboard workshops.
With the Spanish partner Intereuropa Rioja instead we have developed an internship for health and socio-cultural activities for 16 weeks. It is addressed to young trainees who already hold a professional qualification in social health.
For both projects the objectives can be summarized as follows:
• To create an internship to supplement the education of the participants
• To acquire specific techniques and working methods in the social and educational field as well as during leisure time.
• To develop language skills
• To develop indirect skills such as teamwork, understanding of the intercultural context, sense of initiative and creativity.



Within the Multilateral Partnerships Action ANFFAS Onlus Pordenone participates in the Project “Creative Inclusion Partnership” which promotes and supports access to vocational training of young people normally excluded from programmes of formal education and international mobility.

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