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ANFFAS ONLUS Pordenone - "Giulio Locatelli" Centre


Workshops, activities and special events:

- Ceramics Workshop
- Mosaic Workshop
- Cardboard Workshop
- Wicker Workshop
- Needlework Workshop
- Painting and Colour Workshop

- Music therapy

- Organized events

Presentation of  Anffas “Giulio Locatelli”

People with special needs, with respect of human dignity, demand recognition of the right to housing, access to community facilities and services in general, rights which have to be defended every day.

The project "Included in Society", funded by the European Commission and managed by Inclusion Europe, Europe Autism, Mental Health Europe and Open Society Mental Health Initiative, identifies a number of priority actions to improve the quality of residential services for people with disabilities. These actions can help individuals, organizations and government agencies to create an action plan to develop appropriate services rooted in the territory as an alternative to institutionalized care.

Centro "Giulio Locatelli"
Based on these considerations, ANFFAS Pordenone has been running the residential and semi-residential "Giulio Locatelli” Centre for over 10 years now, in agreement with the Company for Health Services of Friuli Occidentale. The main aim of ANFFAS "Giulio Locatelli” is to provide people with disabilities with the material, relational and affective support they need. Apart from the high level of care services offered, great attention is paid to education, rehabilitation, recovery and social integration of people with special needs.

The educational and welfare area

The educational and health care services are of basic importance to support the rehabilitation project of our guests and are guaranteed through the organization of some key activities:

- Activities aimed at acquiring and/or maintaining communication skills, cognitive and affective-relational skills, social and personal autonomy;
- Social activities and leisure management: the Centre has a programme of recreational, entertaining and social integration (visits to exhibitions, movies, bars or restaurants, tours, participation in community celebrations, camps in tourist resorts etc.).
- Occupational activities such as workshops (manipulation of plastic materials, salt dough processing, creating paper flowers, working with wicker, rattan, etc.).
- Expressive activities to improve the use of alternative communication  through workshops of music therapy, theatre, photography, the use of colours, etc.
- Welfare activities to improve the main vital functions: nutrition and hydration, rest, sphincter control, movement, etc. ..
- Activities to support basic hygiene and personal care, to learn and / or maintain the correct posture, hygiene and health performance etc.

Centro "Giulio Locatelli"

Hope has two beautiful children, disdain for the way things are and courage to change them (St. Augustine).