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The Blue Rose by Gerda Klein

Jenny is a little girl...
a lovely little girl.

If her hair
falls into her eyes,
she brushes it away.
But her hand
does not go straight
to her forehead.

Instead, it curves
around like a flower
first opening its petals.
Then she brushes
her hair out of her eyes.

You see, Jenny is different.
Yes, different from most other little girls.

But surely all people don't have to be alike,
think alike,
act alike,
or look alike.

To me, Jenny is like a blue rose.

A blue rose?
Have you ever seen
a blue rose?
There are white roses
and pink roses
and yellow roses,
and of course
lots of red roses.
But blue?

Every gardener would
love to raise a blue rose.
People would come
from far away to see it.
It would be rare
and different and beautiful.

Jenny is different, too.
And so, in a way,
she is like a blue rose.

There are many things Jenny
does not understand.
And there are many things other
people don't understand about Jenny :
that Jenny is like
a kitten without a tail;
that Jenny hears a different music,
that Jenny is like a bird with
shorter wings, and has to be protected.
Jenny is like a blue rose,
delicate and lovely.
And because there are
so few blue roses,
we don't know much about them.

We only know
that they have to be tended more carefully
And loved more.

Hope has two beautiful children, disdain for the way things are and courage to change them (St. Augustine).