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ANFFAS of Pordenone was born in 1969  thanks to the commitment of 20 families who felt that the Association could better represent and promote the disabled people rights in our province. During the seventies and eighties ANFFAS Pordenone has a significant role at a local, regional and national level for the recognition of the disabled people rights and  for the social fights that led to the issue of laws for school and work integration of people with mental disability.  Those were years to experiment new managerial ways and new activities aimed at the integration of the disabled people: the self-managed micro community, the Winter Camps in Claut and Raveo, the family Summer camps in Lignano, the camping in  Bibione. Activities and experiments that have seen the participation of disabled people coming from other regions too, given the innovative content of them. In 1984 ANFFAS Pordenone  forms the first Italian Sport Association for people with mental disability, promoting in this way the right to play a sport also for the disabled people.
Since 1994 ANFFAS Onlus Pordenone runs the “Giulio Locatelli” Centre, residential and semi-residential facility for severely disabled people.      
The answer to the needs of families with a disabled member is the main aim of the Association.
The extension to the Centre, which started its activities in February 2005, aims to be the provincial answer to the complexity of the care, educational and rehab needs that require specific attention and solidarity. The implementation of the Community "After Us" for disabled people without their family support is ANFFAS response to a social need at a national level. The European Voluntary Service, the Civil Service, and the local volunteers are important elements to up keep the services and the quality life for the guests at the "Giulio Locatelli” Anffas Centre and the families of the Association.

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